FashionA hottest trend this spring, as has along been said - a facial skin. As, the pop denim and velvet, which is more appropriate for chic models. With a approach of hot, almost summer days get topical flowing lightness fabrics - satiny, delicate lace and chiffon.   Alike posts:Fashion Summer assemblage of women's wear big sizes. Part TWOVogue Autumn Vogue: What are the most fashionable pants?Mode Summer period: Mode Jewelry. . . Читать полностью -->

Style scents source 2012

StyleAroma - how important a part of a image, how right so any article of garments. This is particularly true for gerls. No self-respecting woman 18 years old would come out of a house without doing her favorite perfume. But, to fragrant plume caused in others only admiration, it is required, 1st, to be able to pick a appropriate spirits, and secondly, to keep abreast of mode victim. What smells recognized however the most relevant in the spring 2013?  Like articles:Fashion Skin belts, handbags, sunglasses, colored braceletsFashion Naked Warmth: beach wear, bags, accessoriesStyle Models of women's and men's hats: fox, mink, fox. . Читать полностью -->

Fashionable shoes Winter period 2009-2011: elegant women's boots

ModeA elegant, extravagant, and at a like time feminine boots only accentuate your impeccable tasting.Wide leg opening unlimited possibilities to your fantasy. With that boots will look Legency, tight jeans, pants, jeans, and collected in an accordion.11 cm stiletto heels, a original castle originating in a shape of a flower.A fine variant for those women who like to be a center of attention, elegant shoes which plays a major role.  Alike posts:Fashion Summer clothes for full figureStyle Style trends of source: Fashion of Gerls's CoatsMode Autumn mode: girls' coats, raincoats and jackets. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Straps: vogue shoes, summer 2012

StyleShoes representing the intertwining straps of various widths, however if a legs are bandaged - one of a hits of a source and summer of 2011.Typically, that models create for a much high platform. The most pop colors are white, sable, browned. But there are unexpected choices, like celadon.  Similar articles:Fashion Fashionable coats and light coatsStyle Summer wear that covers a completeVogue Summer: sundresses, shorts, clothing. . . . Читать полностью -->

Denim overalls summer 2011

StyleCoveralls, in principle, one of a hits of 2011. This summer, bright fast threadbare denim overalls in the wardrobe will be an indication that you are aware of fashion trends.Denim overalls in summer 2013 are various styles and decor.  Similar posts:Vogue Fashion of fashionable gerls's sundresses 2012Style Summer fashion. Flower image of summer: 4 ready imageFashion All items: Vogue Accessories Fall Period. . . . Читать полностью -->

Vogue shorts Spring-Summer 2013: big waist, country, denim. Vogue shorts summer 2013 by famous stylists

VogueShorts - a perfect clothes for a hot period. Style shorts - it's not just a comfortable item, it as well allows you to show a great form and shapely legs. Designers like with shorts for a long time. You successfully combining them with a variety of things in a gerls's locker placement, comprise them in business suits and romantic images.Fashion trends of the time summer 2013  Resembling posts:Style Spring Mode: Coats and raincoatsStyle Beachwear and swimwearVogue Summer mode. Sunglasses - however an excuse to be stylish. . Читать полностью -->

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