Style knitted scarves winter time 2012-2012

VogueGrandma's knittingHeartwarming and great woolen scarves you can safely buy for the cold. Mandatory condition - the presence of a long while fringe. Actual colors - pearl gray, chocolate browned, dark blue, milky whiteness.That included is a knitted cap with flap. How an version - apply a scarf at the like time however a headdress.GrayAll shades of gray are rampant on a runways. Choose a one you like and buy your own personal gray scarf: blue-gray or gray-brownness, gray-whiteness or colored gray.Most of a gray scarves - plain, but there are patterns, however well how the cell.A bright notePink, yellow, blue, red, fuchsia - fashionable colors for those who are looking for this winter, bright accents. Fashionable design - a cell and strip, little and large. That scarves look beautiful with solid coat of gray, dark and chocolate-brown.Cheerful colorful cell yet present us Hollywood stars in everyday life.Ornate sable and white and black and yellow stripe graced the vogue catwalks. These scarves are tied more easy on a conservative style, and the ends are securely hidden under the coat.A cozy fleeceSoft scarves and cozy soft fleece has ever been part of a regular sports and youth image. You can be wound around the neck in several layers, how however not to interfere with a ends or tie casually at his side.Relevant in this time as well knitted LIC - without a scarf ends. It resembles a cozy sweater collar. This is not just a stylish and unusual accent to a image, but also a highly hot item.It is fashionable to tie a scarf in the style of a burqa, covering a nose and mouth. Such an "extreme" release of a stylists presented in the style of «casual» with sporty elements.  Similar posts:Style Fashionable shoes for fall 2011: A women's boots, jewelryMode Women's accessories on a "beastly" themeVogue Women's accessories on a "beastly" theme.

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