Fashion handbags Source 2012: blossom, clutches. Decor bags in a Source 2013 period. Bags of retro and ethnic style. Substances bags

StyleIn anticipation of spring 2012 it's time to update not only the wardrobe, but also a handbag that is an inherent part of every girl.What baby of bag will be fashionable in a new year 2011? That prepared us for the world's designers? We can say that style handbags designed in 2013 mainly in the classical fashion. They are practical and feminine at the like time. Stylists possess decided to focus on the blossom and decor.In the source of all you always demand bright and rich colors. Speaking of colors, for the source 2010 handbag mode stylists get created all sorts of shades of red, green, purple, pink and blue. Vogue bag of the new period should be bright and memorable. Perhaps this tendency is linked to a world economy from a oppressive state of the financial crisis. But one can as well find a model of colored colors - gray, sable and chocolate-brown.Bright and unusual colored bags, backpacks were represented in a new collections of vogue houses Ralph Lauren and Louise Vuitton.Sufficiently relevant in the new season will be in a form of a drop bag oval. Such models may be seen in the collections of Givenshy and VBH.In the Year of the Tiger is quite organic that vogue may enter bags with leopard print and tiger stripe. These models are free, for example, in the collections of Bruno Frisoni and Giambattista Valli.Much relevant in a new time will be cheerful and romantic bags with embroidery. They look quite recent and interesting.  Similar posts:Mode Mode accessories: bags, jewelry, belts, scarves and glovesVogue Vogue figgery: how easy is it to pick up a good Christmas gift?Fashion Summer style. This summer - down with the colored tones!.

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